The Economic Regeneration department of Lincolnshire County Council delivers a range of economic, social and health services, addressing the needs of Lincolnshire people.  Over the last few years, the authority has led on projects that have created over 3,000 jobs, assisted approximately 900 businesses, provided 12,390 sq metres of business premises as well as supported 700 community groups. Over the next few years Economic Regeneration will engage with partners and activities that will consolidate on previous successes and move forward on projects that will:-

  • Regenerate and grow our urban areas
  • stimulate business creation, expansion, innovation and inward investment
  • encourage enterprise
  • facilitate development of commercial sites, properties and business infrastructure
  • support communities and develop people
  • attract funding from relevant, external sources

The overall aims and objectives of the County Council are to improve the productivity, competitiveness, standard of living and the quality of life for the people and businesses of Lincolnshire.

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