Our priorities are:

Making sure our future workforce has the opportunity to fulfil their potential

  • Drawing on the potential of those who are not currently working, including those furthest from employment
  • Preparing, and retaining, local young people through jobs, education and work-based learning
  • Apprenticeships that match our business needs
  • Ensuring further education takes account of local employers’ needs
  • Developing opportunities to attract and retain graduates
  • Creative ways to encourage and keep people learning

Making sure our current workforce has the skills that employers need, now and in the future

  • Ensuring training providers understand the skills employers need
  • Tackling basic skills deficits
  • Train to Gain and The Skills Pledge maximised
  • Leadership and management training opportunities
  • Supporting career progression through creative workforce development
  • Developing an enterprise culture

Making sure our employers have a voice

  • Working through the economic downturn and being ready for upturn
  • Making sure businesses know where to find funding and support
  • Focussing attention on regeneration investment
  • Working through existing employer networks
  • Creating simple routes for employers to influence those who set priorities and targets for local investment

See our approach to tackling these priorities.