Director and Chair, Lincolnshire & Rutland Work Based Academy

The Work Based Academy is the network of all Work Based Learning providers in the Counties. Members include Apprenticeship providers, Foundation Learning Providers, Colleges of FE and a number of key partners active in the world of Vocational Learning.

I see the ESB as having the potential to be a voice for change in my adopted county of Lincolnshire. I live in Derbyshire but have a longstanding commitment to the development of learning excellence in Lincolnshire. The key to the County’s success lies in its ability to attain and retain economic prosperity and this can only be achieved by the development of a skill base second to none. The ESB ought to be instrumental in identifying the needs of employers in the Counties and lobbying for the financial support and commitment needed to meet those needs.

I have a passion for equality and diversity and this agenda is much simpler to move forward at times of general prosperity and comfort so I need Lincolnshire to be successful.

Other positions held: Chair of the Lincolnshire 14-19 Strategic Partnership, Chair of the Regional Network of WBL Providers – EM+ and member of the Wolds College Management Group

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