Group Training Manager, Gelder Group

I am employed by the Gelder Group who are a Lincolnshire Construction Company based at Sturton by Stow Lincoln.  As their Group Training Manager my responsibilities are to manage all the Group's training and development functions.  Working from the Group's River Cottage Training Academy, I am responsible for the training needs of staff including Health and Safety, Management, and specific trades related training.  At the training academy we also run a wide range of training courses which are open to non Gelder Staff, for which I liaise with other organisations to develop a training and development programme for their people, involving networking with local training organisations.

Since relocating to Lincolnshire in 2007 after retiring from my former career of 20 years in general management in the security industry I was delighted to take up my position at the Gelder Group.  Having worked in many regions across the country, I believed the experience I had gained in developing people skills in particular to encouraging school leavers and university graduates to engage in a career in the security industry would complement the criteria of the new skills board.  I have a strong passion to further work alongside local organisations in helping to create long term prospects for our youngsters and the unemployed and would like to share my enthusiasm and experience with apprentice training schemes with schools and other originations in the Lincoln and Rutland area.

Since taking up my engagement with the Gelder Group I have worked hard to encourage our staff to up-skill themselves by taking up NVQ studies which has in itself led to me networking more closely with other training providers such as Lincoln College, EPB, Tent Valley Academy and Lincoln University.  I look forward to further helping with the development of training opportunities and engagements through local business, and am proud and honoured  to recently be appointed to the Lincolnshire and Rutland Employment and Skills Board.

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